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Congratulations to Romulus

You’re the WCSX City of the Week!

Romulus factoids:

  • Romulus’ slogan is “The Home of Opportunity”
  • Before the area was settled, Romulus had a problem with wild wolves. It was named after the Roman fable of Romulus and Remus- the twins that were raised by wolves and then founded the city of ancient Rome.
  • The first settler was a French Canadian named Samuel Tobyn who arrived in 1826.  The land around Romulus was very swampy at that time, and right before the civil war major efforts were made to drain the swampy land and convert it to farm land. Generations later, the farm land was a prime location to build what would eventually become Metro Airport.
  • Romulus was a stop of the Underground Railroad before the Civil War. There were two stops in Romulus and those structures are still intact to this day.
  • Samuel Kingsley hid slaves in an underground cellar in his home at 37426 S. Huron.  The Five Points Church at Pullens Corner at Five Points was also an Underground Railroad stop.
  • Romulus is also known as “The Gateway to the World” as the home of Detroit Metropolitan Airport.  It is a major transportation hub in South East Michigan, with two major freeways (I-94, and I-275) and railroad access.
  • To service thousands of daily travelers that pass through Metro Airport, Romulus has more hotels and motels than any other city in Wayne County, including the 4 star Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport Hotel.