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The Vault

WTH? Someone really is preparing for ANY.THING.  According to the Independent, Elire Management Group is behind this music protection doomsday vault saying it is, “built to withstand the kind of extreme electromagnetic pulses that could result from a nuclear explosion, which could permanently damage electronic equipment and play havoc with digital files.”  Refered to as e “future-proof digital storage,” The Beatles aren’t the only one’s with music going in.  Elire is working with the International Music Council (IMC) to select the “most precious and loved” music from all around the world.  NO songs have actually gone in yet.  The first are scheduled for placement in the Spring of next year (2022), and by “IN” we mean “DOWN.”  The vault will be located 1,000 feet below the earth’s surface on a tiny island near the North Pole.  QUESTIONS? Us too.  If all hell breaks loose, how will anyone FIND these recordings? We’re pretty sure they have a plan.  NEXT QUESTION: WHAT SONGS SHOULD GO IN THE VAULT?  Choose wisely, my friend, choose wisely.  Using the “You have 30 seconds to complete this task” method for my doomsday picks, please enjoy my list… songs you’d need to hear after doomsday hits:

Led Zeppelin – “Kashmir” Because something luxurious needs to be kept alive

Tom Petty – “Refugee”  Chances are everyone is a Refugee at that point

Rolling Stones – “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” Clearly sums up current situation

Pat Traverse – “Boom Boom Out Go the Lights” Not what this song is really about, but works here.

The Beatles – “Blackbird” Ever since I watched Boss Baby, this songs is very comforting to me.  Don’t judge!  Can we get Boss Baby in the vault too?

AC/DC – “It’s a Long Way to the Top” The songs are a thousand feet under ground. It’s literally  a long way to the top.

Also, Bob Seger, “Turn the Page” because !#$& you, I’m from Detroit (nod to Nick Pivot)

I have more picks, but my 30 seconds are up.  What are your picks? – Doni

Donielle Fynn is a Michigan native with two kids, two dogs, two cats, a love of yoga, and all things classic rock.