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The biggest veterinarian group in the country sent out an email the other day . . . on what your pet’s zodiac sign says about their personality.

VCA has the most animal hospitals in the country, and sends out a lot of emails with helpful tips for cat and dog owners.  But is this helpful, or just dumb?



They sent an email the other day about ASTROLOGY, and what your pet’s zodiac sign says about their personality.  Here’s what they say about all 12 signs.  We’ll start with Aquarius, which includes pets born between January 20th and February 18th.



1.  Aquarius:  They’re the most creative pets and can turn any object into a toy.

2.  Pisces:  They’re very in touch with their emotions.  (???)

3.  Aries:  They’re active and always on the move.

4.  Taurus:  They enjoy the finer things in life, like expensive food and nice beds.

5.  Gemini:  They probably have two sides to their personality.

6.  Cancer:  They have a lot of emotional intelligence, and they’re loyal.

7.  Leo:  They’re natural-born leaders.

8.  Virgo:  Hardworking, grounded, and very vocal.

9.  Libra:  Gentle, sensitive, and intuitive.  And they love to cuddle.

10.  Scorpio:  When they set their mind to something, they follow through.


11.  Sagittarius:  They’re very curious and love to explore.


12.  Capricorn:  Loyal and extremely protective.