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Donielle Flynn

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Listen all weekend for classic rock triple-shots on our Block Party Weekend and join us for live coverage of  ARTS BEATS AND EATS  in downtown Royal Oak!

 Hometown favorites like Bob Seger, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, Grand Funk Railroad, and all your favorites from AC/DC to ZZ Top!

Detroit’s Classic Rock Station, 94.7 WCSX

Check out our photos: BOB SEGER THROUGH THE YEARS here.

Big Jim recently spoke with Deborah Bonham, sister of the late John Bonham and a good friend of the late Charlie Watts.  Listen in on their conversation and Deborah’s unique perspective on what it was to know Charlie Watts when you CLICK HERE.

Check out BON SCOTT’S TOP 25 SONGS ranked here.

If you haven’t seen the mash-up of VH’s “Jump” and Hank William’s “Your Cheating Heart,” you can fix that HERE.  If you have seen it, you know you want to watch it again cause that s#$! is funny and awesome.

Even though we get ticked off by the choice made at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, there are some pretty cool moments.  Remember when Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin performed together in 1995?  Don’t see that every day.  RELIVE THE PERFORMANCE WHEN YOU CLICK HERE.

The WCSX Block Party Weekend!  Listen all Labor Day weekend long for amazing classic rock triple-shots!

Donielle Fynn is a Michigan native with two kids, two dogs, two cats and a love of yoga and all things classic rock.