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Donielle Flynn

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Thanks to WCSX listener, Robert Taylor, for grabbing this amazing picture of Alice at the end of the show!

What a rock show! Giant babies, beheadings, straight jackets, and electric chairs… it must be Alice Cooper.  It was a multi-day celebration as we welcomed Alice to Eloise Asylum for the dedication of Alice Cooper Court

An amazing album signing at Rock City Music…

Alice signing his new album, Detroit Stories.

PART of the line waiting for Alice Cooper’s album signing.

and, of course, the show at DTE!  

 I was broadcasting from DTE the night of the show and met a LOT of our WCSX peeps.  

Trucker Tony (right) and friends made room for Doni to hit the bathroom before her next break!

John Rios! He created Alice Cooper’s backdrop for the tour! And it was inspired by an 1800’s church in Lapeer! John is amazing.

Artist John Rios! 

I got a chance to go on stage before Alice. Detroit, you rock. Thanks for the warm welcome.  You can check out what I did in the video.

Alice Cooper was fantastic and his band is a POWERHOUSE.  His guitarist, Nita, was captivating.  Kicking off with “Feed My Frankenstien,” the energy of the show was on TEN the entire show.  Thanks to everyone for coming to the show! Alice Cooper gave us his best and we gave it right back. 

Check out ALL of our Alice Cooper and Ace Frehley pics HERE.  Eric Arataria went above and beyond with these photos.  They are definitely worth checking out.

Special thanks to Alice’s tour staff and DTE staff for treating us so well. Last but not least, thanks to our Metro Detroit Ram Truck Dealers for bringing the power.

See you soon!

Donielle Fynn is a Michigan native with two kids, two dogs, two cats and a love of yoga and all things classic rock.