Facebook is feeling the heat as a major global server outage impacts ALL of its brands both on mobile and on the web! The outage took place just before 12pm ET.

Facebook’s outages happen pretty rarely but when they do happen it has a HUGE impact because they affect three of the world’s biggest apps. The company is usually cryptic about the cause of any issues their platforms have and tends to not explain them even after they fix the problem. This time Facebook took to Twitter (ironic, right?), to share this message to its followers:

Instagram also shared and retweeted a similar update via Twitter:

A lot of people in the comments on Twitter have been saying they took a long time to figure out if it was a Facebook problem or an issue with their internet. We even wondered the same thing here at the station for a moment!

The influx of users on Twitter has created some HILARIOUS comments and memes within the thread of Facebook’s original tweet. Here are some of out favorites below:

It is still unclear on when Facebook and all of its other digital services and apps will be up and running again.