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Big Jim has been making a lot of bets involving slaps recently, so we found a few episodes from the ultimate slap competition called “Slap Mountain”

Here are a few different episodes of Slap Mountain

Ep 5 - SLAP Mountain - Mayhem Family GRUDGE Match!

Bad Blood Grudge match between JD Mayhem and Mr Krystal on SLAP Mountain. With Commentary by JT Tilley.Episode 1 - SlapFIGHT...

Ep 1 - SLAP Mountain - 'Red Solo Cup' SMACKED by 'Big James Mayhem'

Episode 1 of 'SLAP Mountain:''Big James Mayhem' and 'Red Solo Cup' face each in the first Quarterfinal Matchup of the Amateur Slap Tournament held at SLAP Mo...

Ep 3 - SLAP Mountain - Tournament Final

Episode 3 of 'SLAP Mountain.'Tournament Final featuring 'Big' James Mayhem vs 'Hardcore Hillbilly.' Commentary by JT Tilley.LINK TO EPISODE ONEhttps://youtu....