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(Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images)

wo drunk idiots broke into a water park at night, shattered their ankles on a slide, and want to sue the park for not having a security guard to prevent them from breaking in…

The couple broke into a waterpark over seas, broke their ankles and are now trying to sue the park for lack of security.

The couple found a hole in the fence and climbed through before finding a waterslide to go down. When the couple took off down the slide, the noticed there was a barrier blocking the exit to the slide.

Both of them smashed into the barrier, breaking their legs and getting a few other injuries.

'We Broke Our Legs Breaking Into A Waterpark & Were Trapped For Three Hours' | This Morning

Two friends landed themselves in A&E after a drunken decision left them inured at the bottom of a waterslide for three hours until help arrived. After speedi...