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TikTok user Brooke recently went viral after sharing her list of “first date rules.” Her first rule is that she always wears high heels so she can bust men, who lie about their height. Brooke’s second rule is that she will always arrive a few minutes late. Her third rule is that men should never pretend like they haven’t looked her up before. The fourth rule is “no food, only drinks” on a first date. Rules 5 thru 7 are no “lingering” after the date, the man must pay, and he must reveal his birthday. Brooke’s eighth rule is that kisses on first dates shouldn’t happen while standing up. Rule 9 is no hand-holding. Rule 10 is there must be a follow-up text message to confirm that she got home safely. What do you think? 


rules for a first date!!!!!!!! Inspired by @thejarr rules

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