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One officer in Sterling Heights made a mans day, even after everything seemed to go wrong”

It started with a traffic stop a few weeks ago, an elderly man was pulled over for speeding and was visibly upset.

They cop asked him what was wrong and he told him “everything’s going wrong today”

The man continued to explain that his wife was sick and he was out getting a new tv for her to make her happy, but he couldn’t figure out how to hook it up.

What you see and hear next is the officer offering up his help in setting up the tv and getting the controls all set for the man and his family.

Here is the full story:

"Everything's going wrong": Sterling Heights Police stop speeding man, hook up new TV

A 79-year-old Sterling Heights man was running all over town trying to find what he needed to hook up his new TV for his wife when he was stopped for speeding. But police didn't give him a ticket. Instead - they hooked up his TV for him.