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Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, and what’s even better than turkey – in my opinion, at least – are the delicious side dishes.

Travel website the Vacationer recently surveyed 1,092 adults in the U.S. to determine out which Thanksgiving foods are the least popular. The findings might be surprising- if you love cranberry sauce and turkey, that is.

View the full list below:

Cranberry Sauce (29.92% dislike)
Turkey (28.09% dislike)
Sweet Potatoes or Yams (24.25% dislike)
Green Bean Casserole (24.61% dislike)
Stuffing or Dressing (23.42% dislike)
Coleslaw (21.68% dislike)
Ham (21.23% dislike)
Pumpkin Pie (20.77% dislike)
Mashed Potatoes (17.57% dislike)
Macaroni and Cheese (14.73% dislike)
Corn (13.82% dislike)
Carrots (12.08% dislike)

Embrace Fall in Michigan:

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