Rick level 3 - Grocery shopping - Low Risk - We all have to do it and with a mask and social distancing, it's fairly safe.

I was just at the grocery store and my mind was blown when I picked up a bottle of orange juice for my family and saw that it was almost $7. Product prices are increasing across the country and food is no exception. According to WXYZ, the cost of everything has increased by over 6.2% over the past year based on a national report. These kinds of price increases have not been seen for over three decades.  Food banks, like Gleaners Community Food Banks, are reporting food increases of anything from 10% to 50%.

You’ve seen your morning coffee or fast food lunch prices increase, as these costs affect restaurants and fast food also. These effects are likely to last well into the beginning of the first quarter of 2022. The supply chains, like many things, have been greatly affected by Covid-19. Guess that gives me a good reason to buy a few fewer cookies for my ever-expanding waist!