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Husbands out there, if there’s ever been more evidence to follow your wife’s advice, this is it. A happy couple recently scored $2.4 million, and it’s all thanks to the husband following his wife’s good advice.

The couple from Jackson, Missouri, recently scored $2.4 million, according to a press release from the Official Missouri Lottery. As the story goes, they were driving home when the wife urged her husband to stop by a local store to buy a lottery ticket.

“My wife forced me to pull over and buy a Lottery ticket because I was wanting to get home and watch the football game,” the husband told the Official Missouri Lottery. “So I pulled over and bought the Lottery ticket out of frustration.”

He purchased a Lotto Quick Pick ticket at Casey’s General Store, located in Buckner Tarnsey Road, in Grain Valley. And, yes, they won the $2.4 million. How should they spend the money?

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