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Thanksgiving is a great time to enjoy pie, and now we know the best place to get one in Michigan. Honestly, I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t love pie this time of year. I’m more of an apple pie girl, but pumpkin rules for the autumn, too.

The folks at Thrillist recently set out to find the best pie shop in all of Michigan. They searched everything from new bakeries to old school diners to baking empires, according to the site. “They’re making the world a better place, one pie crust at a time,” they state.

So, where is the best place to buy a pie in Michigan? Sister Pie in Detroit.

“In Michigan, cherries are the undisputed king of pie fillings, which makes perfect sense given the sheer number of orchards,” Thrillist states. “So, if you’re driving around upper Michigan and smell pie, you’re in good shape. But there’s a good reason that Sister Pie has become a sensation, and it’s not courtesy of the cherries. (Though, yes, they do wonderful things with those, too.) The Detroit bakery has exploded into national renown and even dropped a cookbook after a few short years thanks to the innovations they put between their transcendent, buttery, layered crust, which is the MVP of the operation. Seriously, you could just chomp on crust all day. But don’t. Because you’d miss out on the Salted Maple, which stands tall on a menu that rotates options like Honey Lemon Meringue, Sweet Beets, and whatever else comes to the pastry chefs’ minds.”

Order a pie from them online here.

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