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Yesterday was a very tragic day for everyone after hearing the news of the shooting at Oxford High School, we have found a note from a friend of the show and a great teacher and mentor that may help a bit..

This note is from Julie Booksh
Reflections on yesterday’s shooting:
“Were you there when they crucified my Lord?” It’s a line from an old church song. I am far from the church as I knew it these days, but so many of the songs still come to me with different and often deeper meaning than they once held. This is one such song.
The song I quote above goes on to say “sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble. Were you there when they crucified my Lord?” The song refers to the crucifixion of Jesus but can most certainly be applied to so many modern day “crucifixions” as well… like what we just witnessed here in Míchigan just 9 miles from my home. To say it is devastating is a huge understatement.
Please know that these events will cause us to tremble, tremble, tremble. In fact, trembling is a natural response to tragedy and can help our bodies discharge trauma. Be extra gentle with yourself and each other as we move through what is going to be a very long week. Pace yourself.
Reach out for help with the trembling or anything else where you need it. There is great strength in that. Check in on each other. Gather together in safe ways.
Take your time. Nurture your mind and body through any of the following: a couple of minutes of conscious breathing throughout the day, short or long walks, fresh air, crying to release tension. Make yourself a hot cup of tea. Drink water. Allow your hands to touch your face and let that jaw clenched with its tightness relax into your hands for a few minutes. Your own touch can be very nurturing and caring. It can allow you to remember yourself..
This is not supposed to be easy. Stay connected to one another, and take your time with yourself and each other. Always get support.
I’ll be here doing much of the above and singing the song… maybe changing some words.
In love and mercy,