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We have to admit, this is a video that we have never seen before…

Watch this video and let us know your thoughts, real or fake? As you will see a man in Minnesota was out on a lake when he noticed a frozen coyote and fox that were in the middle of a fight.

The two animals froze mid fight due the very low temperatures:

Coyote and fox that froze to death in the middle of a fight out on Swan lake in Silver Lake MN! Update: The few days before the video it was -33°f(-65°f with windchill) and windy. The day we took the video it was around 22°f/25°f. No they're not taxidermied or stuffed. No we did not set them up.

Posted by Michael Mikey Rasmussen on Saturday, February 2, 2019


Here is a photo a listener sent in of a frozen deer she saw!