After being on hiatus for 2 years, the Maker Faire Detroit is no longer being held. The event started back in 2010. A creative event that would have over 500 plus makers exposing event-goers to science, crafts, robotics, S.T.E.M., engineering and technology. Maker Faire Detroit was one of the largest two-day festivals in the Midwest. Some of the things you could see there included battling robots and giant cupcakes on wheels. Being an artist myself, I had many friends participate and loved attending this event. It is unfortunate that we have to say goodbye.

Also, the Civil War Remembrance program is being postponed. The event will be put on pause and further reevaluation will have to be done to determine if it can continue. The event offered exhibits and demonstrations and staffed over a thousand reenactors.

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A video to remember some of the cool things about Maker Faire.

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