(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

I recently wrote about the highest-selling metal record of all time. If you missed it, it’s exactly what you would expect: Metallica, “The Black Album.”

After that, I got to wondering what’s the most-attended metal concert of all time. I kept thinking The Big Four might be the No. 1, but I was wrong. But, as it turns out, the most-attended metal show of all time is pretty expected, just like the album.

Metallica’s Worldwired Tour is actually the highest-attended metal concert tour of all time, coming in at an overall No. 9 on the tally, according to Wikipedia. The tour ran from 2016-2019 and pulled in a gross of $416,900,000. Wow! No. 1 on the list, if you’re wondering, is Ed Sheeran. For what it’s worth, my favorite concert of all time, U2’s 360 Tour from 2009-11, is No. 2.

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