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Do you ever buy scratch-offs from vending machines?  I have a few times, but I never won, so I stopped doing it thinking, “They don’t put winners in there.”  Apparently, I am wrong.

A lady in California put 40 bucks into a lottery machine in California.  A stranger bumped into her and she accidentally bought a $30 dollar ticket.  She wasn’t very happy at the time… she’d spent the majority of her money on just one ticket.  Once she got to her car and scratched it off, she discovered she had won the top prize of TEN MILLION DOLLARS!  According to reports, she’s planning to buy a house and start a non-profit with her newfound wealth.

Do you buy lottery scratch-off tickets?  What’s the MOST you’re willing to spend on the tickets?  I like to buy several tickets at once so that, hopefully, I hit for something on at least one ticket, but as a result, I won’t go higher than $10 per ticket. I have bought a $30 ticket as a Christmas gift for someone else, but I’ve never bought one and scratched it off myself. I’d love to have it happen the way it did for this lady! 🙂

What would YOU do with ten million dollars?  Read more on the story HERE.

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Donielle Fynn is a Michigan native with two kids, two dogs, two cats, a love of yoga, and all things classic rock.