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Depending on who you are, this wedding would have been the greatest or the worst…

A bride and her caterer are in some serious trouble for what they did to the guests at a wedding over the weekend. The bride and caterer decided to drop some weed in the food at the reception, leaving guests in a panic…

Many guests called 911 to report that they were feeling really weird and needed medical attention, not knowing that they were high as a kite.

Here is the story and of course, it’s from Florida!

Florida bride, caterer arrested after guests get sick off drug-laced wedding food, deputies say

A Seminole County bride and a wedding caterer were arrested after deputies say several wedding guests were served food laced with drugs. The bride, Danya Glenny, is facing charges including tampering, culpable negligence and delivery of marijuana. Joycelyn Bryant, who reportedly catered the wedding, is facing the same charges. On Feb.