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Finally there is a new mayor in Hell and they will be sworn in on Sunday!

The city of Hell, Michigan will swear in its new mayor on Sunday, and also make sure to have a litter box handy.

Jinx the cat, a popular TikTok and Instagram feline who’s known for her unusually-large eyes and feet, will take the oath of office and serve a one-day term. Jinx’s owner Mia found out that for $100, anyone can be the mayor of Hell, Michigan, so she wrote a check and got Jinx a turn at in the mayor’s office.

Her term will officially end at night when Mia will get a phone call from Reverend Vonn, the town’s “Minister of Hell,” informing her of Jinx’s impeachment.

Here is Jynx’s TikTok page:

Jinx 🐈‍⬛ (@bigfootjinx) TikTok | Watch Jinx 🐈‍⬛'s Newest TikTok Videos

Jinx 🐈‍⬛ (@bigfootjinx) on TikTok | 25M Likes. 736.2K Fans. cat lady with weird cat get some merch of jinx!! ⬇️