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Journey has been very busy over the past couple of months, first they created a new album and now they will be recognized by the National Recording Registry…

Journey will be honored by the National Recording Registry with their classic hit ” Don’t stop Believin” as a part of the 2022 class.

The class of 2022 also includes renowned hitmakers Linda Ronstadt, Wu-Tang Clan and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Oh, and Motown’s Four Tops, for “Reach Out, I’ll Be There.”

With the addition of Journey the question has once again been brought up, where did South Detroit come from? Jonathan Cain explained to Library of Congress writer/editor Neely Tucker, he’d noticed a directional sign for I-75 that featured South on one line and Detroit on the next, and assumed that was a place or a district.

For years people have argued the point that south Detroit is actually Canada, but we talked to both Jonathan and Steve years ago and they actually cleared it all up so we are wondering why people are still questioning the referenced..

Here are the conversations with Perry and Cain who explain where “South Detroit” came from:

Now time for some new music from Journey:

Journey’s new song called “You Got the Best of Me,” the latest release from their upcoming album Freedom.

They also got remixed for the new season of “Stranger Things”