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A new poll from “One Poll” has given us a list of signs you can check to see if you have a ghost or something even worse in your house…

Here are some of the signs!

TOP 10 SIGNS A SPIRIT IS PRESENT … According to a new survey by One Poll

Sensing a presence in the room (27%)

Household pets/ dogs behaving strangely (23%)

Smelling a perfume or a particular scent and not knowing what it’s from (22%)

Feeling someone touch you when no one is (21%)

Seeing symbols of a spirit – birds/crows, butterflies, feathers, etc. (21%)

Things falling by themselves – such as a book falling over on a shelf or framed picture falling off the wall (20%)

Feeling a “shudder” (18%)

Hearing a voice when alone (17%)

Getting goosebumps (17%)

Feeling drawn back to places that were important to someone who has passed (16%)