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Even a couple of boats cruising the Detroit River stopped by to hang out

There are a few signs that the Detroit river is getting healthy again including this video of a very rare sighting…

“A straight-up river otter in the Detroit River!” Eric Ste Marie says in the footage, taken on April 25 and posted to Facebook two days later. “Have you ever heard of something so controversial?”

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources started reintroducing otters to rivers in the state in 1986, and the species repopulated, spreading west. In 2019, they were spotted at Point Pelee National Park in Ontario, the first time they had been seen there since 1918.

Environmentalist say seeing the otter in the river is a great sign that the river’s health is coming back!

The Detroit Zoo is going to step up as well and join efforts to return wild life back to the Detroit river!

Here is the video: