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You can look at this story one of two ways…First you could think this guy is a genius and made you didn’t think of it yourself, or you can think it is horrible and he should face some charges.

I used it probably like four or five times,” said an anonymous customer. The customer who took a viral Instagram video of how the marijuana vending machine works, explained the operation.

“He was selling like, souvenirs,” she said. “It’s an excellent service, I think it just got out of hand.”  The term “souvenirs” is code – obviously – as the machine took credit cards and even Apple Pay.

“It’s just things you can’t do,” said Paul Vanderplow, ATF special agent in charge.

The alleged owner of the machine, Marcellus Cornwell was raking it in – with estimates of making $2,000 a day. He was allegedly operating his business for four years.

“Entrepreneurial at its best, unfortunately, both things were illegal,” Vanderplow said.