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We’ve talked a lot about the guy who landed a plane with ZERO experience – Darren Harrison talked about his experience on the Today Show Monday:

Hero passenger who landed plane describes 'scariest' moments inside the cockpit

In an exclusive interview on TODAY Monday, the passenger who landed a plane in Florida after his pilot fell unconscious last week recounted the "scariest" moment of the entire ordeal. Darren Harrison, 39, was flying on a single-engine Cessna plane from the Bahamas when the pilot experienced a medical emergency and passed out, leaving Harrison, who had no flying experience, to land the plane.

Here’s the original story:

I don’t know how I’d do here, but I’d definitely need a clean pair of pants:  On Tuesday, a guy was flying in from the Bahamas on a single-engine Cessna when the pilot PASSED OUT.  And he had no choice but to land the plane HIMSELF.

He managed to contact air traffic control at the Palm Beach airport, and the audio is nuts.  He said he’d never flown a plane before . . . but was 9,000 feet up . . . and had no idea where he was.  It sounds like at least one other person was also on board.

An air traffic controller named Robert Morgan was on his lunch break.  But they called him back in, because he’s also a flight instructor.  He’d never flown that specific type of plane, so he had to pull up a photo of the flight deck to look at.

They told the guy to follow the coastline . . . descend slowly by pushing the controls forward . . . and try to spot the airport.  Then Robert got on the phone with him.

They eventually found the plane on radar.  And with Robert’s help, he somehow managed to make a PERFECT landing.

Once the plane was in, Robert ran out on the tarmac, and they hugged.  He says it was a pretty emotional moment, especially when the guy said he wanted to get home to his wife who’s PREGNANT.


Last we heard, they hadn’t released any details on the pilot yet.