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NOVATO, CA - JUNE 26: Newly constructed homes are seen at a housing development June 26, 2006 in Novato, California. A report issued by the US Commerce Department stated that sales of new single-family homes were up 4.6 percent in May. The median price of homes sold in May slipped to $235,300, down 4.3 percent from April. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Police in Louisiana made a bizarre discovery late Saturday night, when they came across a HOUSE that was abandoned . . . in the middle of a road.

The house was on the back of a trailer being hauled by a truck.  The police put a photo on Facebook . . . and the house looks HUGE . . . it doesn’t appear to be split up, like houses usually are when they’re being trucked around.

It was completely blocking both sides of the road.  And in its wake, there was a string of damaged mailboxes . . . road signs . . . trees . . . power lines and poles.



The police arrested the 46-year-old homeowner and an accomplice for criminal damage to property, violating a local ordinance, and obstruction of a highway.

They say this was part of an “ongoing situation” with the homeowner, who was TOLD he’d need permits to move a house like that . . . and he just ignored it, and tried to do it on his own.  It’s unclear what the cops did with the house.