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Just like anywhere else, we love our fireworks!! The annual Detroit Fireworks is one of the biggest displays in the country every year.

For those at the Dundee Firework show over the weekend, we’re sorry! You were promised 20 minutes of fireworks and got 30 seconds…

It all happened at the Dundee Mayfly Festival over the weekend, to finish off the night patrons were excited to see a long a very cool firework show, they only got 30 seconds of fireworks because someone pressed the wrong button. First question I have is, why the hell is there a fire all fireworks button?

Here is the story and video of the 30 second show:

20-minute Dundee, Michigan fireworks show over in half a minute

Dundee police say the mishap was the result of someone hitting the "wrong button/fuse". DUNDEE, Mich. - People who headed out to the Dundee Mayfly Music Festival at Wolverine Park on Friday night showed up for an exciting fireworks show. And that's exactly what they got.


We really posted this video so we could bring back Terry! Back up Terry!