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Almost a month ago, a family in Idaho came home to find that a contractor had accidentally removed their entire roof.

Could you imagine coming home from a nice day out and realizing you have no roof on your house? That’s exactly what happened for this family after a company removed the wrong houses roof!


t’s a sight Jessica Hotvedt never thought she’d come home to.

“This is a nightmare. This is absolutely the worst thing I could have imagined,” she said. “June 1st, my daughter came home from school to find that people were removing the roof of our house.”“It was a mistake, a very costly mistake and it should have been fixed,” Hotvedt said. “It just should have been fixed, but no one will do it.”

Thge roof company told her that inserance will cover it and they will not fix it. The cost to redo the families metal roof is estimated around 70,000.