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Seeing this TikTok brought me right back to all of the times my older siblings told me things that I believed to be true. For this poor guy it put him right back in the dumpster his sister found him in.

As this video explains, siblings are by far the greatest at making fun of you and getting you to beleive stories that are not true. For example, my sister use to tell me that I was adopted and my real birthday was actually 2 days before the day I celebrate. Here is the Facebook post my sister shares every year on my Birthday.–Ryan


Now for the TikTok that got the ball rolling. Watch as this man explains to the internet the horrible story his sister told him. His sister use to tell him that his parents found him in the trash and they would point out dumpsters like that was the one they found him in.

Be sure to follow the comments below the video, it’s clear that this poor guy and myself were not the only ones to go through something like this!


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It got me thinking though, isn’t this just a sign of a good brother or sister? It’s either that or they are jealous,  because you came into the world and they were no longer number 1 in their parents heart and mind….At least that is what I like to think!