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We would like to thank the person who filmed this video, it’s safe to say that you will watch this at least 50 times today because the man looks like Billy Idol but cannot play the guitar like him!

Someone caught a man playing guitar while walking down a street, so what you say! Watch as for some reason the man tries to kick a newspaper rack while still playing his guitar!

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So, by scrolling through the comments we think this video is from Switzerland. I didn’t know Billy Idol’s less talented brother lives there!


What is the weirdest thing you have seen while hanging out somewhere? One time while hanging out in downtown Detroit, my wife and I saw a couple playing the bucket drums when someone came up and kicked them right out from under the couple. My wife and I saw enough and made sure to get out of there before we could see what was going to happen next. Honestly though, what do you think made him kick the newspaper rack? My guess is, when he walked by the rack asked him to play Smoke on the Water and he reacted like any good guitar player would!

I really wish we could have got more from this poor guy! I’d love to know where he was going or what he tried to kick next, whatever he was up to I know he did it with a sore bum! Make sure to leave a comment about the strangest thing you saw while out and about!

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