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Did you know that the Ouija board named itself? The makers asked the board what they should call it!

In my eyes this is one of the the greatest dad pranks I have ever seen, and my dad use to play a lot on us growing up.

This was another Instagram reel that I could not stop watching, a dad noticed that his kids were playing with a Ouija board while having a sleep over with their friends. As you will see the dad thought of a great prank, he went down into the basement and started cutting out the power to the kids room.

Here is the video of the dad completely ruining sleep overs for his kid!

Click the link below for the video, it will take you right to it!

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This is what happens when dad gets bored watching a group of kids during a sleep over!


I remember one time when I was about 10 years old, my friends and I were swimming in our pool at night when my dad thought it would be funny to scare the hell out of us! He went out into the woods behind our pool and started making a ton of noise, we almost turned the color of the water brown and went speeding into the house. It goes without saying, my mom was not happy with my dad!