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After almost four years of “retirement” actress Cameron Diaz is back working, starring in a new movie on Netflix with Jamie Foxx titled “Back in Action”.

Jamie took to his Twitter to confirm that Cameron will be returning to the Big Screen by posting a phone call with her. In the phone call you can clearly hear that Cameron is a little nervous about coming back, so Jamie called the only person he knew would help Cameron get over the fear.

In the phone call Jamie posted to his Twitter he calls on The G.O.A.T Tom Brady to help calm Cameron down. Jamie starts the phone call out by talking to a very nervous Cameron, then tell her he has someone to help her through it.

Enters the call is Tom Brady!

Honestly though, could you imagine getting nervous for something, then having Tom Brady be the one who helps calm you down! I am not sure it gets better than that to be honest.


For those who forgot, Tom Brady retired after last season, only to announce he was coming back a few months later. Tom told Cameron that he knows a thing or two about coming out of a retirement, unfortunately we do not get to hear the whole phone call but from what we heard Cameron was feeling better!