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Ryan showing some farley love. Feel free to use that green screen to put Ryan in all kinds of exotic locations!

Man was I excited to talk about the possibility of me having a new neighborhood friend this morning in Big Jim’s House.

I brought it up on the show, that I may have found myself a new neighbor friend! I’ll always remember growing up and seeing my dad hanging with all of his neighborhood buddies, drinking beer and telling stories. I wanted that and after moving to our new house I thought it may not happen!

Both of my next door neighbors are signal mom, so there was no real males around to hangout with…Until now!!

Jim, was making fun of me for this but I said, whatever! I am excited that I may have a new buddy to drink beers with and talk about the other neighbors.

Here is a look inside the studio from our conversation today:



What do you think about this list above? Is neighbor etiquette really a big deal? For me it is, I will make sure my neighbor is cool or aware with whatever I’m doing that may effect them.

Cutting the grass is a big one for me, if the neighbors go to bed early or wake up early, I will make sure I either wait to cut the grass or check with them the night before!


Now I get having to get things around the house done, but making sure you keep in good faith with your neighbors is important to me! I always want to make sure I live next to someone who you don’t piss off!

One of the things on the list below is, not stealing your neighbors mail or packages. First off, who the hell steals from their neighbor? Everyone knows you go at least a few houses down!

This is the full story on neighbor etiquette: