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The lists are coming in hot and heavy this week, here is another one about finding “Low Quality” restaurants.

There’s a forum online where restaurant chefs are sharing the “red flags” you should look for that reveal a place is “low quality.”  Most of them are things you could notice BEFORE you order.  Here are a few.


1.  “Smell.  If it’s a sour smell or disinfectant smell . . . red flag.”


2.  “If there’s a fish tank, take a look at it.  If it’s clean, the kitchen is too.”


3.  “Dirty bathrooms and dirty floors equal dirty kitchen.”


4.  “A huge menu is a sign that food is frozen and the ingredients aren’t fresh.”


5.  “Carpet is one of the most disgusting things.  Vacuuming only goes so far.”


6.  “The bread.  If they can’t get the bread right, they don’t know anything.”


7.  “If you can smell the seafood when you walk in, then it’s not fresh.”


8.  “If you see lots of plates left half-full, run.”


9.  “When you walk in, and you aren’t greeted or nobody makes eye contact.”


10.  “Stock photos on the menu.  Cheap silverware as well.”


Here is the original article to look at:


Now here is my question, isn’t this list things we already knew? I will never eat the food at a restaurant if I can smell the cleaning solution right when I walk in. First of, my thought is that the restaurant is trying to cover something up. If not, they realize they just have a dirty restaurant and making it smell like cleaner is their best option.

If you are looking for some new amazing restaurants, take a look back at some of our Restaurant Road trips we did last year! We went to a ton of restaurants around Metro Detroit, everything from sandwiches to pizza! I know for a fact all of these places were clean and sanitary!

bjh road trip