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John Mellencamp in Birmingham, MI '82

Today (Thursday, July 28th) is National Chili Dog Day – and no song reflects the passion of the chili dog like John Mellencamp and his masterpiece “Jack and Diane”. Is there another chili dog song out there? And is it standard practice to suck on chili dogs in Indiana? The Kali Masi band broke down the logistics involved in sucking on a chili dog while sitting in Jacks lap with his hands on your knees. It’s not easy.

And what if you simply sang “Suckin On A Chili Dog” over and over and over for the song? Thank you Tom McGovern…lol

Bottom line – this song is a celebration of the chili dog (oh yeah, I guess you could say it’s a beautiful story of midwestern life in a small town – the struggles of teen romance and aspiring to a better life. But I’m going with the chili dog)

Chili Dog


Oh I’m sure he’s aware of this…

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