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Applebee’s is jumping in on the new restaurant/ company marketing trend, by introducing their line of chicken wing lipstick!

The fact that there’s no ranch-flavored lip liner to go with this is a missed opportunity. Thankfully Applebee’s is now selling its own line of lip glosses that are supposed to taste like chicken wings!

I actually think this is a great idea, how many people would love to kiss someone that taste like Chicken Wings?!

Here is the website you can buy your lipstick from. I actually just spoke with Jim and he said he bought some…Okay, not really but this is right up his ally for weird things to buy and make me try!

Each tube costs $18, or you can get all four for $65 and they’re using the tagline “Taste My Face.” That tagline may not work the best, especially after the last couple of years we are coming off of!

Here is the first look at the lipstick!


Come get a taste 💋 Saucy Gloss🍗 link in bio to buy @Winky Lux #TasteMyFace

♬ Taste My Face - Applebee's Grill + Bar

Here is one of the strange things Big Jim has bought over the past few months. Cheese scented nail polish! I of course was the one to try it out after Doni came in studio to help out!




This is actually something I may be able to get behind though! I wouldn’t mind coming home from a long day at work and giving my wife a kiss, only to find out her lips were chicken wing flavored! I know she wouldn’t like it because I would be trying to kiss her every 30 seconds!


What do you think though, would you give it a try? I am almost 100 percent sure that Big Jim will order this if he hasn’t already. We will be trying it on the show next week if he did, well I guess I will be trying it.