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DETROIT, MICHIGAN - OCTOBER 17: Head Coach Dan Campbell reacts during the second half against the Cincinnati Bengals at Ford Field on October 17, 2021 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

HBO’s Hard Knocks has been releasing a few different trailers over the past few weeks as we get ready for the first episode with the Lions. One thing is clear, Dan Campbell was made to coach in Detroit!

If you haven’t had a sip of the blue Kool-Aid yet, get those glasses out because these trailers for the Lions Hard Knocks will get you fired up!

Dan Campbell came to the Lions with nothing! A lack of major talent and skill as well as no expectations, but now the eyes of the country will be on Campbell and the Lions as they get ready for the season.

On Tuesday the 9th, Hard Knocks will debut it’s new season. This is the first time the Lions have ever been on the show and what a year it could be.

First maybe the first time ever, the Lions are actually gaining some preseason attention! ESPN experts are hyping up the team like we have never seen before and for good reason! This year the team has added some very exciting players, from draft picks to free agents.

This year is also a chance for Campbell to know what he has and where he wants to go with this team, which is something he didn’t have last year.

Now, I do love these videos but I will say, Campbell and the Lions have to win some games now! If they come out and have another horrible year, I think all of this big talk from Campbell will backfire in a major way.

Here are some of the first looks at the newest season of HBO’s Hard Knocks, featuring the Detroit Lions.

This latest video of Dan Campbell addressing the team may be the highlight of the whole Hard Knocks season! Like I said, this guy better win!