Dude.  Clearly, you can’t post ANYTHING on the internet without expecting some sort of backlash.  Ringo Starr recently posted a pic of The Beatles Blu-Ray DVD and a close-up of his feet wearing “Peace and Love” sliders.  What could possibly go wrong?  Toes, bro, toes… definitely it was Ringo Starr’s toes.  “Fans” went nuts with critiques.  One person wrote, “Ringo’s toes literally look like dehydrated Sponge Bob.”  Other comments included, “All TOE-gether now,” and “Ringo, please delete this.”  But Ringo didn’t delete the post. (if tweet pictures don’t appear, please click on the link to check out the picture… Twitter is not playing nice on embeds lately)

I do see their point.  Not his best-toe moment.  Instead of deleting the post, Ringo posted a SECOND TOE PIC the same day.

Yes.  You are correct.  Brother got a PEDICURE and posted it ASAP.  This too got A LOT of comments.  One of my personal favorites is, “If you saved your toenail clippings I’d like to give them to my wife for Christmas.  She would cherish them.” WHAT?

It’s mindblowing that Ringo did any of this, little lone, ALL OF IT. Peace and Love!

Not gonna lie, I LOVE a good pedicure.  I think everyone deserves to treat themselves to the experience every so often.  I feel like men, as a whole, are less likely to get pedicures.  Definitely, nail salons are more geared to a female clientele.  Maybe that’s my Shark Tank idea, gender-neutral nail salons.  LOL… it could work!  ATTRACTIVE TOES FOR EVERYONE! I’ll name it the “Peace and Love Salon.”  Maybe TOE-TO-TOE?  Let me work on this. LOL Coming soon to an Amazon warehouse near you.  Here are the top ten pedicure places in Detroit, according to YELP.

Donielle Fynn is a Michigan native with two kids, two dogs, two cats, a love of yoga, and all things classic rock.