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The real spark is a comedian who has taken his Youtube page to the next level! He will insert himself into news stories and they are hilarious!

Here at Big Jim’s House we love these kinds of videos, mostly because some news outlets think they are real and will run them!

Here is his latest video, talking about someone getting caught exposing themselves.


Here is is talking about the recent elevator flooding in Omaha..He goes by The Real Spark on Youtube and his videos are great!

As you can see, The Real Spark takes a lot of pride in these videos. He makes sure the edits are perfect enough to fool people, and boy does it work!

There has been a ton of news outlets who will pick up the story and run his audio as if it is real. The best part is that most of the stories he covers are some of the weirdest ones out there, which makes his appearances so real.

If you could have the Real Spark insert himself into one of our local Detroit stories which one would it be? My pick would be the “Giant Slide” stories. I could see him right now going crazy over how fast and dangerous that slide is.

I am sure he would talk about breaking his butt and asking for the lord to help him!

If you want to check out more from The Real Spark just check out his Youtube page below:

The Real Spark

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If you need another recap or reminder on the Giant Slide, Here is the story I posted right when it was closed for the first time. Included are videos and audio of people flying through the air on Belle Isle.


Check back to this page from time to time. I continue to add video from the Real Spark all the time!

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