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If you love beer than you will love and learn this list!

This is another list that will have you shaking your head and asking, why the hell is Detroit not on it!

Someone from the website Home to go dot com recently created a list of the best cities to visit if you like beer.

List of the top cities

1.  Chicago.  It did well across all four categories.

2.  Portland, Oregon.

3.  Milwaukee.  It’s the cheapest place to stay, and beer prices are good too.

4.  Denver.

5.  Seattle.

6.  New York City.  It ranked first in bar availability.

7.  Asheville, North Carolina.

8.  Austin, Texas.

9.  Tampa.

10.  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

I’ll be honest and say that I agree with number one. Chicago has always been a head of the times when it comes to great beer and great beer making. How did Detroit not make this list, in fact I think there are a few Michigan cities that should have made it!

No Michigan city even came close to breaking the top 17. They looked at things like, number of bars, number of breweries and cost of beer.

Here is the full list and article so you can see for yourself.

I guess the price of our beer could be a little higher than other places, mostly because all of our great beer comes from rather small local brewers. Still though, I don’t get how no Michigan cities are on this list. Isn’t Grand Rapids like one of the first to cities to brew beer when it got popular?


Anyway, let’s just forget this list and go have a beer about it!


This is one of my favorite stories I got to cover, the greatest beer run ever! It will be a movie coming out shortly, but here is the article.

Like I said, forget the list and go have a beer!