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This poor man must have thought he was going nuts thinking there was a squirrel in his office…Until there was!

this video comes to us from TikTok.

Most of us have dealt with some type of animal entering our home or work uninvited, but not all of us dealt with it like this guy did.

Watch as this man casually notices that something else is inside of his office with him, while on a zoom meeting.

As you saw in the video, a squirrel somehow got inside of this mans office and scared the crap out of him! I have a few questions after watching this video. First, how did the animal get inside of the man’s office? Did it come through the window and how long was it in there before almost giving this guy a heart attack? Second, you are on a zoom meeting man, toughen up a little bit in front of your co-workers.

What type of animals have you had inside your home or office? I will never forget when I was maybe 7 or 8 years old, my dad realized there were 4 birds inside of our fireplace. After seeing them stuck in there, my dad went to the garage and grabbed my BB gun. He proceeded to come back in the house, lay halfway into the fireplace and shoot up into the chimney.

One by one the birds fell and my dad felt like he was at the arcade playing duck hunter.

That is the number one, animal in your house story that I can think of. Now they weren’t in my house but I will never forget the skunks that lived under my house in Livonia. Before we caught them and closed the holes, it was a good 3 months of nights stinky wake ups.

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Here is a funny skunk video from the past: