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Tooling around Farmington!

Another school year is here and the seniors over at North Farmington made sure to carry on a tradition.

Something we all look for entering a new school year are the senior photos from the students at North Farmington.

I honestly think we need this kind of fun in every high school. Each year the seniors at North Farmington are allowed to dress up how ever they want for senior i.d. photos. Some students dress up like movie and tv characters, others as famous celebrities and more.

The tradition has become a staple at the school and now nationally as we are seeing more schools participate.

I think the best part of the whole thing is that students really do have the freedom to dress like whoever they want. For example, you will see kids dressed up as celebs from today and years ago. It shows how much pop culture has stuck with us.

Here are some of the i.d. photos from this year.


If you would like to see more, take a look back at last year’s students.


North Farmington seniors continue fantastic tradition of over-the-top ID photos

The students of North Farmington High School's class of 2022 are taking part in one of their school's most beloved traditions. Every year, seniors at North Farmington go all out for their student ID photos, dressing up as characters from movies and television or celebrities.


I love what North Farmington is doing!

I really wish I was able to do this while in High School. It would have made my first day a lot more fun!

Here are some even older photos of the tradition.

city of the week farmington

Tooling around Farmington!