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This morning Big Jim’s House was played back audio from a TikTok video that’s been circulating of a guy explaining how to cook “Nyquil Chicken.” The FDA has released statements to let people know that this is a TERRIBLE IDEA and can be fatal. I pray that Nyquil Chicken Dude was joking, but I doubt it. He’s cooking with car tools and Nyquil. I’m sad for the dude, quite honestly. He is a hot mess.  When Nyquil Chicken Dude pours the pan Nyquil back into the bottle after cooking chicken, I almost barfed.

I couldn’t locate the original (assuming it’s been taken down), but here’s an immediate reaction cut of the video from TikTok.   You can still see the video on a split screen, but it is edited down a bit.

Nyquil Chicken Dude

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EVERYONE is talking about this today and NO ONE thinks it’s a good idea. The FDA is warning people that boiling medicine changes its makeup and can be dangerous. Even just sniffing the steam from the cooking of the Nyquil can lead to lung damage.  This started with another challenge on social media… the “Sleepy Chicken Challenge” daring people to cook chicken in Nyquil.  The FDA’s report seems to be a broader warning to parents about the serious danger of social media trends, which can cause harm and even KILL people.

WTH with these challenges, young people?  STOP.  The challenge concept can be used for good like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that raised awareness and money to help people who have ALS.  But most of these challenges are RIDICULOUS.  When my daughter was young she was dying to try the “CINNAMON Challenge”… we didn’t see it as a health risk, so we let her.  It did not go as expected.  To get an idea of the “Cinnamon Challenge,” check out this lady.  Scroll in to :57 and watch for a few.  I CRIED LAUGHING.

The “Cinnamon Challenge” is stupid, but at least it wasn’t a serious health risk like the “Sleepy Chicken Challenge.”  As a parent, I have to fight against my kid seeing stupid s@!$ on the internet EVERY DAY.  It sucks.  If you haven’t already, now is a great time to have a talk with your kids but these “CHALLENGES.”  I can hear my parents in my head saying, “If your friend walked off a cliff, would you do it because they did?”  I don’t see those words working with this generation, but the message is still true.  Don’t be sheep.

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