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TORONTO, ON - APRIL 26: Auston Matthews #34 of the Toronto Maple Leafs gets sandwiched between referee Peter MacDougall #38 and Danny DeKeyser #65 of the Detroit Red Wings during an NHL game at Scotiabank Arena on April 26, 2022 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)

If you want to feel old, this is the post for you! It even made me feel a bit old since I knew the items.

The Red Wings are holding their prospect camp in Grand Rapids this week. Since there are so many young guys on the team, the Red Wings PR wanted to test their “old school” knowledge.

As the players exited the building yesterday, the production team showed them photos of things from the 90s. Some of the answers the kids gave were hilarious!

It is clear that most of them are to young to understand what some of these items are or even how they worked, but with most coming from overseas the disconnect was more prevalent.

Here is the video of the Red Wings youngsters trying to guess 1990’s items.

I have to say, most of these rookies were born in the late 1990’s some even in the 2000’s so asking them to guess the items is a huge task.

No I know what you are saying, how the heck do these kids not know what some of the items are. Take the floppy disk for example, I was born in 1990 and I barley know what one of those are. I think the last time I saw one was 5th grade. With that said, I love how honest and to the point these players are. They made their guesses and stuck with them!

When it comes down to it, I couldn’t care less if these guys know what a floppy disk or Gameboy are. As long as they can score goals and win games, that’s all anyone in Detroit cares about!

Let’s be honest though, Big Jim and listeners have challenged me on this from their youth that completely fool me. I will admit that I have never seen an 8-track player before. Until about a year ago I thought it was an A-track player.

There is a whole list of things from the 70’s and 80’s that I have no idea about.

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DETROIT, MICHIGAN – APRIL 23: Thomas Greiss #29 of the Detroit Red Wings skates against the Pittsburgh Penguins at Little Caesars Arena on April 23, 2022 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)