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I’m not someone to kick anyone while they’re down, but this article had me doubling over in laughter from beginning to end, so I had to share it. Besides, I’m pretty sure everyone on the Lions team and coaching staff will be just fine after Sunday’s heartbreaking loss. They’re still getting paid, and now they’re more determined than ever to turn this thing around.

Rob Parker wrote a story for Deadspin.com titled “Dan Campbell is far from M’m! M’m! Good!” Get it? Like the Campbell soup?

It doesn’t stop there. Allow me to name off a few highlights from the article below. Oh, and please listen to “The Squad with Anne Erickson” on Apple Podcasts HERE, Spotify HERE to get your Lions fix. Read the full article from Deadspin here.

  • “For the record, the Lions haven’t had a lot of success in this thing called football. Probably the most incredible stat in American sports history is that the Lions have won just one playoff game since 1957. And that came in 1991.” Ha! “This thing called football” is the quote that got me. I didn’t know that stat about the Lions and playoff games, too. Ouch.
  • “Coming into this season, most thought Campbell was different. They liked his upbeat and glib personality. He sounds like a football coach. He’s wacky, offbeat, and emotional about the game. Great, if you’re making a movie or TV show.” Good point. I guess we need more than charisma to win games. But, I still think Dan can do it. I really like Dan.
  • “Only the Lord’s Prayer has been said more times than a Lions fan saying, ‘This is going to be our year.'” Enough said. This is the quote that totally had me rolling in laughter. I do say the Lord’s Prayer at least once a day. And I probably do say “This is going to be our year” for the Lions at least once a week.


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