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Every school should have good, working drinking fountains. Unfortunately this school doesn’t so the teachers made a rap about it.

This has to be my favorite video of the week, 4 teachers who are fed up with the drinking fountains being broken speak out.

the way they spoke out was a little different than most teachers. They took to the halls, wrote a rap song and performed it!


your teachers made a rap 4 u

Posted by Everything Is Terrible on Thursday, September 22, 2022

Now the video is funny, but the reason for making it is not! It is really sad that teachers had to make a rap song and put their school on blast in order to get the water fountains fixed.

hopefully this was enough to get attention of the people in charge! Teachers have enough already on their plate so making them rap about water seems a bit much!

They should have just done this and it wouldn’t have been as embarrassing for them!