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Dana White of the UFC has made a pretty big announcement about a classic “sport” coming to cable T.V.

UFC boss Dana White is bringing the Power Slap league to TBS, starting in January.  Basically, two people stand toe-to-toe and take turns slapping each other as hard as possible.  You can knock your opponent out or win by points.

Here is how is basically works. Two people stand toe-to-toe and take turns slapping the hell out of each other. They keep doing it until someone gets knocked out or if that doesn’t happen, there’s a point system after a certain number of rounds. Scoring is based on a striker’s effectiveness, along with the defender’s reaction and recovery time.

Now I know I am putting quotes around the word sport, but I cannot lie I will be watching every second of these matches when they debut in January.

Here is a run down of the rules behind the slapping sport.

Here is where you can find out much more about the new Power Slap league.

Power Slap - the world's premier open-handed striking promotion

Power Slap is the world's premier open-handed striking promotion. Led by Dana White, Power Slap features competitors from across the globe battling on the ultimate stage to showcase their power, technique and resolve. Power Slap is the very first slap fighting organization to be sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

One thing I was wondering when I first saw this is weight classes? Will the Power Slap league have them, the answer is yes. Just like the UFC Power Slap athletes will be palced into different men and women weight classes.

This hype video will get you pumped for some Power Slap action!

I honestly never knew everything that these men and women did to prepare themselves for a slap off. It seems like there is more to it then just standing up and slapping someone as hard as you possibly can!

To get you ready here is an older post of the slappers at slap mountain. I think these guys don’t have as many rules as the Power Slap guys!