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Born to Run is the third studio album by American singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen, released on August 25, 1975, by Columbia Records.

There are certain stories in rock and roll that seem too wild to be true. This is one of them involving Bruce Springsteen going to a movie theatre in St. Louis in the early 80’s – meets a couple of fans who invite him to watch the film with them. He does. After the movie they invite him home to meet Mom (Sophie). He goes. What happens next is magical – and 100% real. I love this story.

So you’re like…okay, this is cool. But it’s not how it really happened. You’re right – Sophie’s version of it to a local TV station is even better. Sophie Satanovsky became friends with Bruce’s mom over the years…and Bruce always invited her to his concerts when he came through St. Louis (always calling out her name during the show)

It’s not like Bruce doesn’t like taking pictures with fans – remember when he was hanging out with John Mellencamp? 

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