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Lets start the greatest argument for this time of the year. What is the best Thanksgiving food!

It seems like everyone has a different ranking of the best Thanksgiving foods, which is why it’s impossible to cut anything. While more dishes get added.  But what if you had to ax something from the menu?

In a poll on Thanksgiving foods, more Americans prefer mashed potatoes over stuffing. And green bean casserole over sweet potatoes.

A website recently conducted a “one must go” poll on Thanksgiving foods, and it could definitely instigate family fights.  Here are the results

1.  Which one has to go . . . between stuffing and mashed potatoes?  62% of people would drop stuffing, while only 38% would give up mashed potatoes.


2.  Apple pie versus pecan pie:  70% would give up pecan pie.


3.  Brussels sprouts versus glazed carrots:  59% would drop Brussels sprouts.


4.  Gravy versus cranberry sauce:  72% would drop cranberry sauce.


5.  Cornbread versus potato rolls:  60% would give up cornbread.


6.  Baked sweet potatoes versus pumpkin pie:  66% would drop sweet potatoes.


7.  Sweet potato casserole versus green bean casserole:  58% claim they’d drop sweet potato casserole.


Here is the full list and write up about it.

Let's Play A Game Of "One Must Go: Thanksgiving Food Edition"

Everyone knows the side dishes are the best part of Thanksgiving dinner.

I honestly don’t get why Green Bean Casserole is trashed on so much! I love it and know a ton of people who also love it.

I do like most of this list, anything pumpkin or sweet potato I would replace in a heartbeat!


Don’t’ forget about the butterball hotline!

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